"Tumbling Leaves" by Joanne MacNaughton,
inspired by the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
by Barbara Kingsolver.
About Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters
In December 2000, a book club for quilters organized in the Portland area. In an effort to make more interesting quilts and be motivated to get them finished, this unique group of artists decided to challenge itself to make artwork inspired by literature. All members read the same book and each member then creates a quilt using the book as inspiration. The club is well into its second decade, and the body of work is growing. While skills and styles vary within the group, everyone brings her unique talent and ideas, making it an open forum for innovative approaches to creating art quilts as beautiful traditional pieces. The camaraderie and support, as well as opportunities to show their work as a group, have helped these women achieve new goals in the art of quilting.

Each year the group selects two books for the following year. Once a book is selected, the group discusses the book and shares concepts for possible quilt designs. Sometimes sketches are shown and sometimes the pieces are already in production. Every month members get together to share ideas and offer encouragement and feedback.

The Book Club Quilters have some long term objectives that stem from each member's individual goals. They share the idea that they are in the group for personal growth as artists with the common desire to develop new skills, put them to use and then celebrate the outcome, whether it is a showworthy quilt or an enlightened design study or exercise. Their hope is that others will be inspired by the quilts and are encouraged to start their own club.

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