Joanne MacNaughton
Portland, Oregon
As a young child, I spent many happy hours watching my grandmothers make quilts. Every night I snuggled under these special handmade covers and I felt loved and comforted. I always knew that I wanted to continue this family tradition. Growing up I learned to embroider, to smock, and to knit.

In the 70s, Deloris and Herb Stude organized a local quilt conference. It was my first exposure to quilting fabrics and supplies. I enrolled in quilt classes as soon as they became available.

Traditional quilts are my favorites. The stories of women's lives and the patterns they developed fascinate me. My love of color enriches my interest in design.

My husband and I have been married since 1961. We have three grown daughters and seven grandchildren. I enjoy creating memories for them as my grandmothers did for me.