Mary Kay Price
Portland, Oregon
After 25 years as a food manufacturer, I accidented upon a quilting class. Combining my art degree, love of sewing, available time, and a quilting class changed my choice of artistic medium. Working in fiber is so different from any other medium that I can think of. Fabrics are warm, pleasing to the touch, and infinitely varied in colors, values, textures, and weights. The finished product can be art for art's sake or can be both art and utilitarian.

Whether I have a detailed plan before cutting or let the piece evolve as work progresses, the design process is the exciting step of working in fibers. Executing the work is satisfying, as craftsmanship has an enormous impact on the finished product.

Although I have only been part of the Cover to Cover group since 2012, I have gained a great deal. The assignment format makes me approach each project with new eyes. With the generous and talented members of Cover to Cover behind you, there is always a good critique available to keep your mind working and problem solving.